Want customised nails?

 Hey there,

If you want a fully customised nail kit which is built exactly to fit your nail bed size, your preferred nail-length , nail-shape and nail art design then please follow the 3-step process below.  

How to get customised nails?

  1. Place an order for a Sample Sizing Pack  worth Rs 100 with free shipping.
  2. Using the Sample Sizing Pack select the length you want and measure the width size for each of your nail for both left and right hand as demonstrated in the video below. 
  3. Once you have measured sizes and selected a length come back to our online store and upload your chosen design here

    That's it ! Sit and relax till we ship your order :)

Why buy Sample Sizing Pack ?

  • This pack helps not just measure your nail-sizes but also to decide the desirable length you want out of 5 possible lengths provided. 
  • Buy this pack one time and save on a custom 12-piece set every time with pre-known sizes.
  • Also, through the pack you get an idea of the overall nail quality as well as look and feel of the nail tips being used that helps you further decide on placing an order for a nail-set.