Terms and Conditions - Freelance Nail technician Partnership Program

Terms and conditions:

  • This partnership contract is valid for one year. The contract shall be renewed every year.
  • Contract will end for the nail-technician on 3 successive refusals to booking assignments with no further discussion.
  • Contract will end for the nail-technician immediately for any misbehaviour displayed at the client site.
  • A commission of 0% per service delivered will be charged towards the end of the settlement.
  • Nail Technicians are expected to carry their own vanity of nail products.
  • Payment to be credited in Nail-technician's bank account within 2 days. 
  • Nail-technician is free to withdraw anytime with no fees applied.
  • On refusal of a booking assignment by the nail-technician a penalty of Rs 30 will be charged on the next booking assigned. 
  • Nail-technician should not disclose un-necessary personal information to the client like Phone no, addresses etc and is responsible for his/her own security. 
  • Nail technician is free to withdraw from the partnership program anytime with a prior intimation.