One-off Partnership Contract

Brand Goals and Objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive more traffic towards the brand
  • Drive more engagement towards the brand
  • Boost Sales

What are you required to do?

  • Do either 3 high quality static posts or 2 stories with a swipe up or a reel on Instagram. Or share an ad in one of your upcoming youtube videos or do a blog post on any of the fashion/beauty blogging sites that appeal to you.
  • Include all the free products provided to you in your creatives.
  • Prepare the creatives within 10 days after receiving all the products and send to us for review before posting.
  • Share the affiliate discount code that we will provide you in your name in your creatives which your audience can use to avail discount on our store. 
  • Once approved post within a timespan of 2 weeks.
  • Make sure you capture at least one shot including your face.
  • Follow our brand creative guidelines(mentioned below) while preparing content.

Compensation structure:

As you have opted for a barter only program hence you are not liable to earn any affiliate commission.
You shall get:
  • Free products :A Sample Sizing Pack (using which you will be able to measure your nail sizes) and a Nail-set (10-piece set) customised to your sizes and preferences( shape, length).
  • To remain a Community member till 3 months after our partnership ends during which you may avail special membership discounts.

    What else you get?

    • Get featured on our social media and website.
    • New sponsored content to post
    • Opportunity to scale and attract new audience.
    • Experience and value addition to your work.
    • Rewards on achieving a target.


    Get an additional bonus of Rs 500/- on a total sale amount of Rs 5000 got on your affiliate discount code having an attribution window of around 1 month. 

    Brand creative Guidelines/Helpguide:

    • Choose an outfit of yours that best compliments the nails you have got.
    • Tag us @lynsaynails and use hashtag #lynsayfiedgirls
    • Keep the posts/stories recurring and engaging with quizzes or polls or QnA or overlay text.
    • May post some photoshoot BTS.
    • Include the brand logo in your posts/stories/videos at the end
    • Choose a consistent frame or layout for all pictures.
    • Place the necessary discount codes where they are clearly visible and hard to miss.
    • Mention wherever possible that it's a 'Made in India' product.
    • You  may choose to use  animated voice maker tools/apps online to get a more fine sound quality in the backdrop.
    • You may use our website, Instagram , YouTube , Facebook to find helping content.