How to measure your nail-size?

Method 1: Get best fit nails.


  • This pack helps not just measure your nail-sizes but also to decide the desirable length you want out of 5 possible lengths provided.  
  • Buy this pack one time and save on a custom 10-piece set every time with pre-known sizes.
  • Also, through the pack you get an idea of the overall nail quality as well as look and feel of the nail tips being used that helps you further decide on placing an order for a nail-set.
  • Click on the video below to see how to measure nails using SSP tool.


(There are high chances of disappointment as you might get unfit sizes based on the incorrect measurements you provide. ) 

  1. Hold the measuring tape (an inch tape) horizontally across the widest part of your natural-nail and get the measurements in cm. If you don't have an inch tape, just place a regular sellotape over the widest part of your nail and mark where your nail meets the skin. Then place it over a ruler to get the measurements in cm. 

  2. Now from the chart given below match the nail-size to yours for each of your nails. Pick the ones that matches your size. If any of your nails does not exactly match to sizes mentioned then pick the closest one on the greater side. (Sizes are from 0 through 9 where 0 being the widest).