FAQs | Press-on Nails

Q. How long do these nails stick?
These hand-painted nails stay for upto 2-3 weeks provided they have been applied properly and used under non-rough conditions. Please note gentle handling is important post application as they are stick ones ultimately.

Q. Are these nails re-usable?
Yes, these are re-usable upto 2-3 times. Also depends on how gently you handled them throughout the process from application to removal.

Q. Can I apply and remove these nails on my own?
Of-course! that's the beauty of them :). Click here to see the application/removal procedure. 

Q. How long does it take to apply and remove these nails?
To apply: nearly 5-10 minutes
To remove: 10-15 minutes

Q.What do these two pack options mean: 10-piece set and 28-piece set?

  • 10-piece set is a customised pack carrying the exact nail-sizes that you have provided with the order for both left and right hand. To order a 'Pack of 10' you need to provide your nail-sizes which you can measure following these steps. Click here to know how to measure nail-sizes.  
  • 28-piece set has all the possible nail-sizes with few spare sizes. Good to purchase when you are not sure of the nail-sizes you want to order for. Best suitable for one time purchase or gifting purpose. This pack is comparatively higher in price than a usual pack of 10.

Q.How do I measure my nail-size?
Your left and right hand may differ sufficiently in nail-sizes.
Keeping both left and right hand in mind, follow these simple steps mentioned here.  

Q.Can these harm my natural nails?
Not really if applied over with decent time-gaps like a week after. But yes, excessive use of the nail-glue over and over again might lead to damaging your natural nail-beds to some extent. Do let your natural nails to breathe in some air in between the subsequent applications.

Q.How many years old a girl can apply these?
Not advisable for girls below 15 years of age. The nail glue used is a strong chemical and should not be applied over at early ages.

Q.What type of paints do you use for nail art?
We employ regular nail-polishes of some of the reputed brands viz Sally Hansen, Jaquline USA, Chambor, DeBelle, Nykaa, Maybelline, Lakme, Revlon which stay for over good 3-4 weeks.
A layer of good quality top-coat from brands like Sally Hansen/Jaquline USA, applied over make them stay for much more longer.
Click here to see the nail-shades catalog. 

    Q.What else do I get with the nails?

    Well you get a complete kit comprising of all the essentials you would need to apply/remove nails easily.
    The Kit includes:

    • 10/28 full cover nail pieces
    • Net wt. 2g nail glue
    • An Elite model small nail file
    • A wooden cuticle stick
    • An instruction guide stating application/removal procedure.

    Q.How much time does it take to process my order?
    Total Processing Time = Nails Creation Time + Shipping Time

    "Regular Order" Processing Time = 2 to 2.5 weeks 
    "Rush Order" Processing Time= 1 week
    "Ready-to ship"  Processing time = 2 to 5 days
    Here is our Shipping policy.

    Q How can I place a Rush Order request?
    Through a simple click.
    Here we answer this.

    Q.How can I edit/cancel my order?
    Any order updations/cancellations can be made within a time frame of  24 hours from the date of purchase. 

    You can edit or cancel an order in two ways:
    1. Account Page: You must sign up to view the account page and be able to edit/cancel from this page. 
    2. Email notifications: If you don't have an account , you can do so using the edit/cancel links provided(at bottom) in the order confirmation emails sent at your mail id or from the "View Order" tab provided in the email.
    More details at Refund policy.

    Q.How can I return an item?
    Any return request can be initiated within 2 days from the day order gets delivered.
    You can reach out to our Return center to initiate a return request. 
    Refunds will be approved or rejected as per the Refund policy.

    Q Do you deliver all items in an order together?
    Yes we ship all items in an order together. Please order any 28-piece Ready-to-ship sets separately if you want to receive them faster than any custom handmade sets. 

    Q.Do you take Custom design order requests ?
    Yes we do! The best way you can place such orders is via our Live Chat Support on the website. You may include the pictures of the nail-designs or the outfit you want to complement the nails with in the chat itself. A manual order will be created on the website in that case and a mailer to complete your payment against the order will be sent to your email-id shared. 

    Q. What different nail genres do you have in the store?

    Genre Description Price range 10-piece set (in Rs.)  Price range 28-piece set
    (in Rs.)
    JAS - Just a Shade A basic one shade set of press-on nails to gratify minimalistic manicure needs. 500-700 800-1200
    Bare Minis
    Barely embellished over lightly tinted base to keep a pristine yet noticeable look!
    Instant Glam
    Perfect amalgamation of serendipity and glamour to get an 
    instantly glamorous look with a casual touch!
    At Work-trends
    Fine pieces of art striking day-to-day look at work!.
     Party Glam
    Manifestation of a rich contemporary twist to more than complement your OOTD (outfit of the day)!
    A blend of classic culture and nouveau aesthetic!

    Q. How can I avail discounts on the store?
    If we are running a discount offer and there are no discount coupons shared on the website or to you in-personal then automatic discounts are to be applied on the checkout page. But if you have a discount coupon then you can avail it by applying the code at the checkout page. Remember if you have purchased an item that had an automatic discount applied then you cannot apply any other discount coupon code at the checkout. 

    Q Can I apply discount code on an eGift card?
    Discount codes cannot be applied to eGift cards. However, the discount code is applied to the item subtotal once the cart total (which includes eGift card) satisfies the minimum spend criteria for discount code. We charge no taxes on eGift Cards.

    Q. Can I purchase a physical Gift Card?
    No, we have only electronic Gift Cards (eGift Cards) in the store which are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Forward the same email who you want to gift them to. Hence we charge no shipping fees on eGift cards.